+ACUMEN Systems Practice course: Culture of reflection group

I am taking part in the interesting online course: https://app.novoed.com/systems-practice-2017-1  This is our team's model (work in progress). Feel free to join the team. Guiding Star: A society that aims at improving society and oneself. (Taken from Star Trek) Near Star: Establish a culture of systemic reflection where people do not think that they know the answer already (based on gut feeling, sovereignty of interpretation, or similar) but instead get used to systemically explore the interconnections.  Framing Question: What are the obstacles towards a culture of reflection, what the concrete levers? Detail: With the latest rise of a post-truth era we have reached a climax of a reductionistic way of opinio ...»

National health care system

just a quick collection of the major arguments maybe one should explicitly distinguish between private and national insurances and between the stakes of healthier and those less healthy persons though the major implications are already included. please post your comments

Template Systemic SWOT Analysis

This is just a very small model to get an idea on how to model an enterprise in order to develop a systemic SWOT analysis. In a concrete case the 4 KNOW-WHY-Questions should help you to collect a lot of concrete hard (money, technology, ....) and soft (motivation, skills, relationships, ....) factors. You can continue to reflect on concrete measures to address your strengths and weaknesses.  With quantitative attribute you can monitor the current state of the factors. The position in the Insight Matrix shows the importance of the factors, their diameter the value of the attribute hence the current state. Compared to a classic SWOT analysis a systemic SWOT analysis from explorative qualitative cause and effect ...»

Bundestagswahl 2017: Wahlprogramme im Vergleich v1

Es gibt bereits ein Modell zum Vergleich der Wahlprogramme der großen Parteien zur Bundestagswahl 2013: http://www.imodeler.info/ro?key=A64xAzcY703Et8VLv3tTe0w  Hier nun die Möglichkeit, kollaborativ die aktuellen Wahlprogramme in den qualitativen Wirkungszusammenhang mit dem Wohl der Bürger zu stellen. Bei Fragen diese gern auf know-why.net posten. Den Anfang macht eine noch gar nicht existente Partei mit dem Arbeitstitel Partei Vernunftbegabter Menschen (http://www.ilsa.de/Blog/Entries/2017/1/30_Partei_Vernunftbegabter_Menschen_(PVM).html) Es geht darum je Partei (dazu bitte über die Eigenschaften der Faktoren Kategorien verwenden) - Problem - Ziel - Maßnahme - Finanzierung der Maßnahme in den Wirkungszusam ...»

The America Deserves Better (ADB) Movement

So far my systemic analyses on US politics were right: https://www.know-why.net/model/CNrzC8lwArz25c6wxZOZyHA Now it is time to understand how the movement of the people can gain momentum. So, please add a comment on what is missing.

2017 - we can change

2016 - our challenge for 2017 for the sake of our future Let’s face it, 2016 was a terrible year. War, terror, refugees, Brexit, Trump, record CO2 levels, rising inequality etc. which interestingly are all connected as numerous cause and effect models from www.KNOW-WHY.net show. BTW: in one of the models I predicted early on Trump’s victory. After all it is your and my fault and it is you and me who can change it. Before I explain this a bit more here some horizon scanning on the year ahead, the echo-rooms and the post-truth era and the rise of demagogues, radicalism and nationalism. Terror, nationalism, refugees etc. are after all a symptom of inequality! The last years in Syria and in the coming years in ot ...»

Media, please stop reporting on (Berlin) terror and blaming the authorities

Schiller is said to have said that a comedy is working because unconsciously ordinary people are relieved to feel that other people are more stupid. Studies proofed that the most wanted parts of a newspaper are catastrophes and the horoscope. Catastrophes, because we unconsciously are relieved that this didn’t happen to us. Unfortunately, this is the reason why car accidents and terror attacks in our cities with comparable few casualties are way more relevant to us than the many more casualties there are every day because of wars, terror, and famines - many of which are actually due to the weapons we export and the way live and cause climate change. Of course, the terror in Berlin is devastating and yet, wher ...»

Limits of democracy, populism, and the evil from social networks

This model is inspired by Emma's proposal for a topic for a model (to win a FAIRPHONE):  https://www.know-why.net/question/CfsXb3NvriEsmSuhnnuxsSQ It tries to understand the dynamics currently happening all over the world that push nationalism via social media. It is a qualitative model. There are other models arguing in the similar direction, e.g. this one on Putin, Erdogan etc.: https://www.know-why.net/model/CWejwGHa-455h-YLP7W9_rw ...or this one on the psychological mechanisms that lead to those defences of false information: https://www.know-why.net/model/CZgAPKnbErrtHCedMTRLnvA The limit of democracy? The misinformation from social media. Of course, it has always been a challenge that powerful people pl ...»

Pros and Cons of autonomous cars (self driving vehicles (SDV))

A collaborative, qualitative model on the various aspects of SDVs. Please join the modeling.

Quantitative Model on Universal Basic Income (Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen)

Just the start of a collaborative quantitative model on universal basic income. Please join the modeling and discussion!There is also a qualitative model on this topic: https://www.know-why.net/model/CRgBaHBuMn45JGRW7wXAvfA  First scenarios: The economy is booming, yet inequality is rising. This model is still a rough model with just with groups an average low, medium and high income for Germany. The side effects of an universal basic income with some people deciding to work less and others to come up with new business ideas next to all the benefits for our society from people who choose unpaid caring activities are not activated and the effects from automation and digitization neither. So while without these ...»