Government spending - systemic sink or source

This little qualitative model just helps my argumentation in a discussion on a perspective from Gene Bellinger's Kumu project. Yet it is probably interesting for others as well as it features the major arguments from democrats and republicans, from libertarians and communitarians, from the liberals and social democrats .... and so forth

Elon Musk and Sigmar Gabriel on the future of Electric Mobility

A few weeks ago Elon Musk presented his mission to an audience and the German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel. Well, the moderation of that event was, let us say: not optimal, but the arguments Elon Musk presented were stunning. This model tries to capture them challenging the reply of Minister Gabriel. Here is a video of that event: 

Lock-In situation of the transition towards sustainability

Quintessential excerpt from the following project:

Feste Fehmarnbelt-Querung und die Lübecker Bucht

Dieses Modell zur gemeinsamen Modellierung ist noch nicht fertig. Insbesondere die Gewichtung, welche die Anzahl der betroffenen Anwohner östlich, westlich der A1 und direkt an der Küste berücksichtigt, fehlt noch. Gern helfe ich bei der weiteren Modellierung - einfach selbst über den kollaborativen Link probieren oder über einen Kommentar nach Hilfe fragen.

Refugees from different regions - a collaborative model

The aim of this model is to have a closer look at the root causes for the flow of refugees from specific countries and regions. Please add your arguments.

Integration of refugees

I have just started this collaborative model on the best way to integrate refugees  Please join the modeling 

Refugees in Germany and Europe

A small qualitative model that you may use (import it directly from KNOW-WHY.NET) to visualize and analyze the interconnections behind the challenge of refugees in Europe. As it is a collaborative model you may directly work on it. The following pictures from unknown artist(s) painted for the international degrowth conference in Leipzig 2015 say "a good live for everybody". Most amazingly is the fact that the artist(s) included a group of people reflecting on interrelations in order get new ideas/solutions. That is, what we support by this kind of modeling! versus 'more growth' showing also a barb wire fence to protect us and our gadgets!

PiM demo model on IT processes p2: developing solutions

This small PiM model shows how an IT company that develops apps or designs websites or installes software can be modeled in order to identify bottlenecks or constraints and to simulate the costs and income (benefit management)

Flüchtlinge in Deutschland und Europa

ein erstes qualitatives Modell, welches über KNOW-WHY.NET gern geladen und zu einem eigenen, alternativen Modell verändert werden kann. Siehe auch das englische Modell, welches kollaborativ bearbeitet werden kann: