Riddle of 2019

Here‘s a small model that should have a unique solution. That is the challenge: Use to following factors so that the connections of the model make sense: Climate change Prosperity here conventional behavior is cool and comfortable Peace Prosperity in the rest of the world Sustainable lifestyle It should be a good exercise to understand the difference between direct and indirect impacts and much more. Please discuss the model here on KNOW-WHY.NET but send your solution (the model, a link, or a sceenshot) to info@consideo.com and share it later.

Next crash inevitable?

a qualitative model including the arguments from an article from Handelsblatt (https://www.handelsblatt.com/finanzen/anlagestrategie/trends/die-naechste-rezession-abschwung-oder-crash-warten-auf-den-grossen-knall/23589494.html?ticket=ST-2259849-76TcgloNt9xQvTFcp2kS-ap6) and some more feel free to edit the model via its collaborative link

Rise of nationalism and populism in the world

Just started this model while listening to a podcast from Fareed Zakaria and his interview with Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright ....  I think there is a lot to add to this so please join the modeling using to collaborative link :-)

Example model on Value Chains (Quantitative Process Model)

Just a small example model to show the benefits of quantitative modeling of value chains (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_chain) The model shows just the basic use of process and project factors as well as resource factors and parameter for their prices. The major benefit of the iMODELER is now to continue with non-linear dynamics in case of reinforcing errors or variations analysed with Monte Carlo simulations to match reality‘s complexity. Don‘t hesitate to ask for more specific and advanced examples.    Note: There is also a qualitative model on KNOW-WHY.NET:  https://www.know-why.net/model/CKfBxgzWp9fsBsu__v3CJtw  

Explorative Projektplanung: Entwicklung eines autonom fahrenden Autos

Achtung: das Modell ist nur ein Mini-Beispiel für einen Artikel im ProjektMagazin und es ist nicht einmal komplett.

Example model on Value Chains (Qualitative Model)

Just a small example model to show the benefits of qualitative modeling of value chains (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_chain)  Note: There is also (soon) a quantitative model on KNOW-WHY.NET: https://www.know-why.net/model/CwgPFMPsVgABXfHJVpjxhqw

Tiny Houses / Floating Houses Strategiemodell

Just the start of a qualitative strategy model for a customer to reflect on the enterprise of bringing tiny houses (or something similar) to different regions.