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Kleines Modell zu dem Trauerspiel, das sich gerade in unserer Öffentlichkeit abspielt. Rot/grün kann nur verlieren, es sei denn, wie es gerade passiert, es wird auf das Motiv der CSU hingewiesen. Hinter einigen Faktoren sind Quellen. Möge die Aufklärung beginnen...

Economy from a systems perspective p9

... still work in progress and soon more .... On my vacation I intended to complete my reading of Kate Raworth's "Doughnut Economics". I looked at this concept many years ago and wasn't fascinated by it but I have come across it several times in different projects since then so I decided to take a second look. I watched her TED talk and I really like her. Still, the concept I find disappointing though I haven't read the complete book, yet. I think it is a normative approach to rethink economics but in order to change the economy we have to understand its driving forces and find systemic levers for a change. It is not enough to know that we go beyond the limits, that the GDP is a fatal measure, etc.. We need r ...»

China, Taiwan, Russia and the West....

just the start of a model ... you may join and add arguments and sources ....

Wertschöpfung von Unternehmen

Wertschöpfung von Unternehmen - http://KNOW-WHY.NET…  Kleines Modell auf die Frage, ob nicht auch die Lebenszeit, die Arbeitnehmer*innen investieren, gegengerechnet werden muss, wenn Unternehmen ihre Wertschöpfung preisen

The post Ukrainian era

It has to do with removing Putin and defining a new Russia, but also with the possibility of a China that risks its isolation from the west and at the same time trying to reign the rest of the world through its strategic global resource and development policies. It has to do with a de-globalization, less efficient though more regional and resilient economies, loss of material wealth but gain of quality of life, social equality, and unfortunately a possible trade-off of arms races and climate change mitigation. A possible lever could be bridging values other than material wealth. So, without it seeming to be a descriptive model let us start the exploration using the four KNOW-WHY-Questions: what leads directly ...»

How to make Russia great again - and save Ukraine

It is a collaborative model - please edit it. Sanctions alone end in a balancing feedback loop but with the right narrative over working chanels it could lead to a removal of Putin! Narrative should be something like “ Ukrainians are brothers and sisters, the world wants to partner with Russia - Putin exploits Russia for his mad interests.” There is much more explanation to give to this model - I will add to it or you may edit it and place comments within the model using the "D".

HIDP for couples/families - general structure

Happiness can be planned! According to evolutionary meta systemic logic (KNOW-WHY-Thinking) everything needs to be integrated to adopt to its environment, and yet developing to adopt to change or beat the competition. Our emotions are there to let us strive for integration or development. If we now reflect on what provides us with feelings of integration or jeopardises these feelings and do so also for the feeling of development we can easily see what we have and what we lack. If we then continue to ask what leads to more or less of it we should end up with concrete steps to take in order to be happier.  Developing a so called Holistic Integration and Development Plan (HIDP) I have successfully planned my hap ...»

SDG pathways - wonder why Glasgow doesn't set clear goals / commitments

A small qualitative model that helps to understand political failure. We need to see the counter forces. The reinforcing feedback loops basically show that we simply need to tell what is wrong (narratives) and support what is right (monetary policies, subsidies).