What‘s up 2018?

Please join this model to collect factors that will become important in 2018

Agile methods

just a small model to think of the benefits and trade-offs. of agile methods

The dynamics of cancer (collaborative model)

Just the start of a model since I was asked for a rather general model on this difficult topic. As I am a layperson this model should be improved by either directly editing it via collaboration link or at least discussing it.

Hybrid cars are a smart move - for the classic automotive industry

as the following article annoys me I modeled this model https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-16684-9 

Germany‘s Jamaica Coalition a historic chance

As disappointed I as I was about the lates election‘s results I nevertheless see a historic opportunity for real political progress. A lot major steps are prevented (for sometimes a very good reason) by the power sharing between national Bundestag and federal Bundesrat with a reigning CDU that is by definition conservative trying to change as little as possible. Now there is little alternative to bargaining a change other than they could decide to change nothing but to get ministries or than to repeat the election or even ask the SPD to continue to reign with the CDU tolerated by the rest. Once we have coalition and opposition they will block each other and the many needed steps are postponed. As little as I  ...»

Transformation - driving forces, levers, hinderances

just some thoughts while reading: Maja Göpel: The Great Mindshift - How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand