Impact chains of climate change

Just a small qualitative model to scope the economical implications of climate change. Feel free to use it (you may import it into your account).

What does Trump becoming president of the USA now mean to the world?

just trying to grasp the situation - please join the modeling! While I started trying to show the high risks of catastrophe I now see also opportunities. See some first insights in the presenter (Menu ... Presenter) By the way: I predicted the development of the US elections, unfortunately : 

The automotive industry and the circular economy

Although I have modeled it before I got inspired by the Accenture article   to develop another model. Look at the presenter for some astonishing insight.

Amelie's CO2 Modell 2 (zum Gewinnen eines Fairphones)

während einer Gartenparty stellten ein paar Kinder zwischen 7 und 10 Jahren Fragen zu unserem Sampada Ofen, dem Veganersein, usw. Am Abend rückte ich dann mein Tablet raus und wir haben gemodelt. Amelie hat die Fragen gestellt und alle durften mal Faktoren anlegen. Die Kinder konnten hernach die meisten Zusammenhänge wiedergeben (möglicherweise zum Leidwesen einzelner Elternteile) PS: das Fairphone ginge dann an Amelie

Winning the Fairphone: a collaborative model on the development of house (real estate) prices

This is a collaborative qualitative model on the development of prices for real estate (houses, apartments etc.). While there is already a collaborative model on the development of stock markets ( I would like to gain more insights on house prices as well. Background: while the population is shrinking we still see a boom in the construction of new houses. I thought that this was only because of low interests but experts told me a couple of demographic arguments I wasn't aware of. Let us see how we can cover this topic. So, please join the modeling. PS 1: Maybe we need to quantify different cohorts of our society and run a simulation model on this, but ...»

PM Magazin - Erläuterung Gewichtung von Projekt-Schritten

nur ein Mini-Modell zur Erläuterung eines Artikels im Projektmagazin (Link folgt)

What have Trump, Putin, Erdogan, ISIS, etc. in common?

The question from the model's title is answered by the model as it shows causes to a world wide growing symptom.

Qualitative model on the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG)

Source: This model is just a start. The next step would be to include the targets from the source above. Feel free to insert the model to your (free) iMODELER account to start a more detailed model !!! After that we should continue to use the 4 Know Why Questions in order to exploratively add hard and soft factors that help to explain what could serve as an effective lever to improve the situation in the world. Finally the model could be used to distinguish different regions in the world. Of course, the source already features a promising quantitative model just to do that. Yet, I'd rather like to have a more transparent open source model so in the future it wo ...»

London's Housing Crisis - a collaborative modeling experience

On LinkedIn ( Bob Bollen asks for ways to model London's housing crisis. While some suggestions are rather complicated (some imho outdated) I'd like to suggest to just start with it in a way that not just experts but also stakeholders can read a model and contribute to it. So here is the start of a collaborative model.  Please ask for any further assistance / guidance using the comment functions on