US elections 2016 - why Donald Trump is good for us

IMHO there is a dark side of the force opposed to the (light side of the) force. It is right vs. left, liberalism vs. communitarism, those who say we need to support the strong in order to enable them to give to the weaker, and those who say we need to support everybody in order to get a wealthier and happier society. While the US republicans definitely fit the cliche of the dark side of the force - I do not fall for the talk of a middle class and for their call for less government intervention for more rights for the people - the democrats not always withstand to support the special interests of some powerful people. So, from that perspective Donald Trump is good for us, the people. The model shows why. To u ...»

Apple's destiny (share price)

I share with Elon Musk that I use Apple and yet I am very disappointed that they are not better. Now, that Apple's share price continues to fall and now that Elon Musk in an interview - usually he criticizes Apple - predicted that they will come up with a cool electric vehicle I think it is time to reflect on Apple's destiny.  Feel free to join the collaborative model :-)

Refugees vs. Migrants - a possible solution to Germany's refugee dilemma

We are in the midst of an escalation of attitudes against refugees and politics with our media reporting that we have reached limits, with the use of suggestive questions in almost every interview. The existing models on the refugee crisis on predicted that:  The consequence will be right wing movements and while media thinks it should warn of a threat of right wing movements it actually fuels them. However, now we need to find a clever way out and as the models on have grown fairly large already I have started a smaller, new one. First a general note the call for limitation or refugees. Actually, we are used to limit our humanit ...»

HIDP - a fictitious example for one's planning for happiness in 2016 (GIEP)

This is just a small model showing an example of a Holistic Integration and Development Plan (HIDP). Based on the biopsychological insight from Know-Why-Thinking ( human action is defined by our evolutionary strive for feelings of integration or for feelings of development. Allegedly, the difference between humans and other animals is that we can consciously reflect on our actions and their meaning. That implies that we can plan our happiness beyond just doing what feels good for the moment. We can reflect whether our life is in balance between the feelings of integration and development. Integration means  ...»

Demo Modell von Websession

Kleines, qualitatives Modell zum Herumprobieren - aus einer Websession. Das Modell ist nicht vollständig bzw. hat bei keinem Faktor vollständig die 4 KNOW-WHY-Fragen gestellt, sondern wurde nur live erstellt um die grundsätzlichen Funktionen der qualitativen Modellierung mit dem iMODELER zu zeigen. Jeder mag nun aber gern darin eigene Argumente abbilden. Vielleicht wird ja noch ein Strategie-Modell für Restaurant-Besitzer daraus :-)

Model on the Development of Stock Markets

Just started this model - will continue on this later. Anybody might join :-)

Mini Model on Green Investments

a very small model showing the major levers as they turned out in larger models on

Climate change: taking personal action

A qualitative model asking for our personal motivation to lower our impact on climate change. Feel free to add to it.

Paris: Governments acting on climate change

A qualitative model that asks what it takes to take political action. Feel free to add to it.

For Paris: Why actions against climate change do not cost jobs

This model was meant to be a small model on the basic interconnections of actions against climate change and the main counter argument against them that they allegedly cost jobs. Feel free to add to it.